Friday, 7 October 2016

Finding Olafur and Nils

Music had been the love of my life really. Among all the other loves it had been the constant,
the all engrossing, the elation and the pain.
 Then I stopped. The Music I loved that had once nurtured
my adolescence, All of a sudden seemed somehow impotent and powerless. so I simply didn't listen to it anymore. Music had left me. And I missed it terribly.
It of course could have been my age.. My increasing intolerance of the banal and the truthless.
The world around me seemed noisy and stupid, and I needed a tonic, an almost spiritual antidote
to manifest.
Then it did.
In a corner of youtube I accidentally stumbled into Olafur Arnalds, and through him Nils Frahm.
Both hit me hard.
Of course they are both unique and individual musicians in there own right, but I found a certain collective sensibility that was almost palpable.
And man is it powerful .
Olafur tells me that communication is more than words, and history and influences can be channelled
into art more powerful than the sum of its parts. I wonder If he even knows..
Nils tells me that my soul is broken, and that if I listen hard enough, he could probably fix it.
I love Music again.